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Kamatz’s dream of a Youth Wing – Soon to become a reality


Kamatz’s branch of Telem, the national Reform youth movement, has grown in numbers from year to year. Without a permanent space of their own, today most of these youth activities take place out-of-doors. Given this reality, it is difficult for the youngsters to truly feel a part of the congregation.


נוער תלםThe activities of the youth are supervised by two youth coordinators who work with the young counselors and oversee the planning and implementation of all of the activities.  Last year the counselors asked for a space of their own.  The only space that could be found for them was a small, windowless emergency shelter, which has since been painted, decorated and filled with mattresses and pillows.  While this has been nice for the counselors, the youth groups themselves are still 'homeless'.


The new Youth Wing is planned for the lower level of the synagogue, a space which has not been utilized to date. The architectural plans call for a large central space that can be sectioned off into smaller rooms.  Several smaller adjoining rooms will provide office and classroom space.


A good portion of the needed funds have already been raised and construction will begin soon.  In order to complete this, we seek your support to help make this dream a reality.


In the words of President John F. Kennedy, "Children are the world's most valuable resource and its best hope for the future," July 25, 1963.


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