Youth Activities

Bnai and Bnot Mitzva


Are you looking to hold a Bar or Bat Mitzva with a different atmosphere? Kamatz [קמצ] runs a unique workshop for youth preparing for the aliyah to the Torah. Topics covered include how to read the Torah and the Haftorah, a workshop for making talitot, and a ceremony with the parents for laying Tefillin for the first time.


The workshop is 13 sessions and is led by Rabbi Shlomo Fox. Bnai Mitzvah should register 6 months in advance of their Bar/Bat Mitzvah date.



You and Me – Meetings for Mothers and Bnot Mitzva


The Bat Mitzva year is an opportunity for a unique mother – daughter experience. You and Me is a series of meetings for mothers and daughters which combines study and creativity in a joint journey into the world of adolescence, Judaism, and self.


The meetings will include dealing with relevant issues such as feminism, adolescence, prayer, relating to our bodies employing traditional and modern texts.  During the meetings we will discuss personal experiences, define our own stand, and create with words, colors, and materials.

The program includes 7 meetings on alternate Wednesdays in the evening hours.


“I Read” – Young Jewish Leadership

Surely you know how to read, but do you know how to read from the Torah?


A special opportunity to learn how to read not only from the Torah and Haftorah, but also from the megillot we read on holidays and to serve as a ‘reader ‘ in the synagogue. Participants also help teach the Bnai and Bnot Mitzva. The workshop ends with a festive ceremony on Shavuot morning.


25 meetings, on Fridays an hour before Shabbat services beginning.

Noar Telem


KAMATZ branch of noar TELEM

Not just another youth movement, but rather youth in motion! Having fun integrated with social involvement.


Noar Telem in Mevasseret, the youth movement of the Movement for Progressive Judaism in Israel, begins in third grade. Each age group meets once a week during the school year, participates in field trips during Succot, Hanuka, and Passover, enjoys weekend meetings with Noar Telem from other congregations, and during the summer attends Havaya – the camp run in Israel by the Progressive Movement for Judaism.  9th graders are invited to participate in course for counselors.


Noar Telem are committed to the values of the Movement including equality, pluralism, and mutual responsibility. Each year the youth in Mevasseret are involved in a different project for tikkun olam.


Activities for 3rd – 9th graders are run by youth in grades 10- 12 on Tuesday from 4:30 PM.

The day and time for activities for 10th-12th are chosen by each group.



Twice a year Noar Telem leads the services held in the sanctuary.


Aliyah Le'Torah - Last Years Bnai and Bnot Mitzva

A Joint aliyah to the Torah of all the youngsters that had an aliyah to the Torah last year, festive Shabbat prayers, and a joint study for the youth and their families about the significance of this year - the entrance to the adult world and the desire or lack of desire to take part in Jewish life . We will study the weeks parsha - and see what and if we can learn from it about our lives.

פעילות הקהילה מתקיימת בתמיכת הסוכנות היהודית לא"י, המגבית היהודית מטרו-וסט, התנועה ליהדות מתקדמת בישראל, WRJ , האיגוד העולמי ליהדות מתקדמת ותורמים פרטיים.