Community and Social Justice

Community and Social Justice Programs

Social Responsibility

“On three things the world is sustained: on the Torah, on (Temple) service, and on deeds of loving kindness.” (Pirkei Avot, 1,2)

Mutual responsibility is not just an important civil action, but also a Mitzvah – a significant Jewish action.  It is a basic Jewish value, and “tikkun olam” is not just obligatory but also imperative.

Kehilat Mevasseret Tzion is active in the field of social responsibility throughout the year and operates a number of central projects:

Collection of Food for the NeedyKamatz [קמצ] organizes around the high holy days and Passover to collect food and funds for purchasing food for the holidays in partnerships with Keren B’kavod – the Fund for Social Responsibility of the Israel Movement for Progressive Judaism.  At Passover time, in addition to the food packages, coupons for clothing purchasing are added to the basket.  The baskets are packed by volunteers from the community together with youth from the Movement.  Many of the families involved in the effort come not only from the community, but those who send their children to Kamatz’s nursery and kindergarten programs, as well as those who participate in Kamatz’s activities (but are not necessarily members) contribute generously to this effort.  The baskets are distributed to families registered with the municipal welfare services.

Kamatz [קמצ] contributes to social projects in the region for example, every year at the spring fair there is a special lottery with the proceeds being earmarked for “Or Shalom”, an organization which provides care for children at risk.  Kamatz also contributes to the “Now Me” program run by the municipality which assists women in entering the workforce or in raising their income.

Mishloach Manot each year the children in the kindergarten and nursery prepare mishloach manot which are distributed to the needy or the ill.  This past year, their packages were distributed to the children hospitalized in the oncology ward at Hadassah Medical Center.

Hand in Hand

יד ביד

Mutual support of individuals and families in difficult situations: illness, isolation, childbirth, etc.  Members of the group will be happy to provide all kinds of assistance from cooking to spending time together participating in recreational activities.  Those in need are welcome to turn to us, or please let us know about families or individuals in need of our assistance.

Group Coordinator: Galia Kahana Friedman, Tel. 972-73-7057471.

Help requests will be kept private.




Time Bank

The Time Bank program in the town of Mevasseret Zion was initiated in 2005 by Kehiliat Mevasseret Zion - Kamatz [קמצ].


The Time Bank is indeed a Tikkun Olam project.  It breaks the traditional stereotype that  the well-to-do are the "givers" and the less-well-to-do are the "receivers".  Time Bank encourages everyone to recognize that they too have valuable skills which they can provide in exchange for services received from other members.  It allows individuals the chance to convert their abilities into economic power and to receive in return a service which they need.  Everyone's time is equal, whether they are a lawyer or a housewife.

In addition to the work with individuals, Time Bank also works with numerous local organizations and has developed an on-going relationship with the Municipality's Welfare Dept., a seniors residence, the local women’s club and others.  For example, the Time Bank provided a drama therapy teacher to work with a group in the women's club. In return these women gathered once a week to do sewing repairs for Bank members. Another example is the Welfare Dept., who referred a woman to the Bank who needed English lessons for her son. She joined the  Bank and in return did some ironing for another member.


The Time Bank coordinator serves as a banker/broker, matching people and their required needs as well as keeping records. The coordinator maintains contact with the Bank members via a weekly email newsletter and telephone calls. Members exchange some 200 hours per month. As many members do not report their given hours, the actual exchange is much higher.


Time Bank has become a second home to many of its participants. People who do not attend synagogue but want to be part of a community have found a sense of meaning and empowerment in their time exchange, not to mention the good company and pride of the group. For many this is an opportunity to receive services and participate in workshops and lectures they could otherwise not have afforded.


For more information on the time bank please contact

Adi Almon-Bukai


Tel. 972-73-7057473



Relationships with the Diaspora

Kamatz [קמצ] maintains an ongoing dialogue with Diaspora Jewry in order to hear and be heard and ensure ongoing communication between Jews in Israel and abroad.  Part of this effort is hosting visitors from communities abroad for Friday evening services, followed by home hospitality.  By opening our homes and hearts to visitors we create an atmosphere which allows for informal dialogue regarding everyday life in Israel on both a personal and community level.


From the feedback we have received from abroad, many see these activities as the highlight of the visit, revealing to them a “nicer” side of Israel, one that creates empathy and support for the country and the State.


We invite you to host a family from abroad for Shabbat dinner. This is a chance for you and your guests to make lasting memories.

Families interested in hosting should please contact the community coordinator Benny Minitch at



Volunteer Activities which Support Kamatz

Kamatz [קמצ] is managed by a volunteer board consisting of 15 members, who along with other volunteers serve on a variety of committees.  These include the community committee, prayers and tradition, education for children and youth, culture, enrichment and recreation, marketing and fundraising, finance and human resources, and the audit committee.

Does one of the above activities sound interesting to you? Please contact Benny in the office to discuss becoming a volunteer. Tel. 972-73-7057474 or e-mail:


פעילות הקהילה מתקיימת בתמיכת הסוכנות היהודית לא"י, המגבית היהודית מטרו-וסט, התנועה ליהדות מתקדמת בישראל, WRJ , האיגוד העולמי ליהדות מתקדמת ותורמים פרטיים.