Educational Activities


Kehilat Mevasseret Zion provides the town of Mevasseret Zion and its surrounding communities, an area known for its many different Jewish ethnicities and cultures, with a Jewish alternative that is egalitarian and pluralistic.  Kamatz [קמצ] offers a multitude of religious, cultural, social and educational activities to its members and to the broader community.  Those seeking prayer services which are egalitarian and at the same time integrates tradition and innovation, will find a synagogue that offers services on Shabbatot and holidays.  Those seeking opportunities to study contemporary Judaism and the relationship between Judaism and “Israelism” are invited to our cultural center and its variety of courses. Kamatz offers a variety of opportunities to be involved in Tikkun Olam and to improve the society we live in.  Kamatz operates nursery and kindergarten classes and a youth group in order to provide a pluralistic Jewish education to its children.


פעילות הקהילה מתקיימת בתמיכת הסוכנות היהודית לא"י, המגבית היהודית מטרו-וסט, התנועה ליהדות מתקדמת בישראל, WRJ , האיגוד העולמי ליהדות מתקדמת ותורמים פרטיים.