History of Kamatz

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Community Mevaseret (Akm"c) started out a handful of people who sought a different way to express their Judaism. Little by little over the years added more and more families, the prayers were private homes junior hall Street jasmine, open circles and formed a learning community that goes
growing by the day. Mevaseret community consists of people like you and women together create a Jewish community, spiritual life and value that have sacred, connection to tradition and tied to the roots. We believe that Jewish tradition and heritage, Jewish ethics, are part and parcel of Jewish identity - Contemporary Israeli. community emphasizes the commandments between people and allows thinking and doing ritual - religious consider changing times, the evolution of society, science and technology.

Akm"c allows a wide audience and multi shades of the community to express their Jewishness in egalitarian and democratic. Mevasseret Zion, which has about 24,000 residents today is a secular community response to families who wish to have a life cycle ceremonies have a deep meaning for them, liberal and modern spirit, learn and act for social justice through religious ideas. Therefore, it consolidates Akm"c a wide range of people and groups with different backgrounds and have many common denominators.

Mevaseret community is the community since 1993. Community numbers some 200 families pay corporate taxes and more than 250 families in various activities of a free community Missy community.

Dedication of the new Synagogue

by J. Rollings


Community activity is conducted with the support of Jewish Agency for Israel, UJA Metro - West, Israel Movement for Progressive Judaism, WRJ, World Union for Progressive Judaism and private donors.