We are pleased to present you with Rabbi Gilad Kariv’s message from the IMPJ plenary at the WUPJ Connections 2013 Conference:
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Our Clergy and Staff

Rabbi Maya Leibovich

Rabbi Leibovich is the first Israeli born female rabbi ordained by Hebrew Union College.  She brings to the congregation her values including: a love of Jewish heritage, spirituality, text study, a love of the land of Israel, Israeli poetry and literature, and involvement in social and intellectual topics.


Rabbi Maya is married to Menachem, the Deputy Chair of Keren Kayemet l'Israel and is mother to Yitzchak, Gilad, Avishag and Yiftach.




Galia Kahana Friedman, Program Director

Galia holds a Master’s Degree in Organizational Behavior from the Faculty of Management at Tel Aviv University, and is  graduate of the Institute for Training Group Facilitators. Galia has worked as the Program Director for Kamatz for five years.  Her role includes community development and management of the community’s programs and activities. Galia is married to Erez, and mother of Omer, Yair and Tamar.


Lynn Tolmas-Karawan, Office Manager

Lynn has been with Kamatz [קמצ] since 2004.  After making aliyah from LA in 1974, Lynn worked as a nature guide in Eilat and Sinai and later guided tourists throughout Israel.  In her spare time Lynn enjoys mountain biking with family and friends. Lynn is married to Ariel and mother to Avishai


Adi Almon-Bukai, Time Bank Coordinator

Adi holds a law degree from the Hebrew University, Jerusalem.  She was employed as a litigator for a number of years and her field was civil law.  In recent years, she has moved into community work and joined the staff of Kamatz as Time Bank Coordinator at the beginning of 2013.  Adi has lived in Mevasseret for the last 10 years, she is married to Nir, and is mother of Omer, Ori and Roni.




פעילות הקהילה מתקיימת בתמיכת הסוכנות היהודית לא"י, המגבית היהודית מטרו-וסט, התנועה ליהדות מתקדמת בישראל, WRJ , האיגוד העולמי ליהדות מתקדמת ותורמים פרטיים.