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donate A Reform Jewish presence is crucial for the future of Israel. Between a fully secular Israel completely detached from its religious roots and values, and an uncompromising Halachic state, lies a middle ground, a third way- an Israel rooted in the prophetic Jewish values of social justice, equal rights, compassion, pluralism and tolerance. This is our Jewish and Zionist vision.
Our egalitarian, upbeat and joyous services create the sacred moments necessary to balance the tensions inherent in Israeli life and offer you, our friends and partners from around the world, a home away from home whenever you are visiting Israel.


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Kehillat Mevasseret Zion (Kamatz) is located in the Judea Hills overlooking the western approach to Jerusalem. Kamatz is a place of learning, spirituality, celebration and joy that is modern and fully integrated into the everyday Israeli experience. Founded in 1993 by six families, it is now home to over 200 member families, in addition to hundreds of participants who join regularly in our multi-faceted programs, services and activities.

Kamatz is led by Rabbi Maya Leibovich, the first Israeli born woman ordained in Israel. Under her loving and inspired guidance, it has become a leading force in the struggle for a pluralistic, compassionate, just and liberal Israel.

Help us create an enlightened, progressive Israel imbued with the freedom to choose your own brand of Judaism. For more information please contact:

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Friday evening prayer services at Kamatz begin at 5:30 PM during  winter time. At daylight savings time, starting late March, evening prayer services begin at 6:00PM.

Shabbat morning services are held at 9:00 AM all year.


Noar Telem in Mevasseret Zion, the youth movement of the Movement for Progressive Judaism in Israel, meets once a week during the school year, and Noar Telem is committed to the values of the Movement including equality, pluralism, and mutual responsibility. Each year the youth in Mevasseret Zion are involved in a different project for tikkun olam. Activities for 3rd – 9th graders are run by youth in grades 10- 12 on Tuesdays from 4:30 PM. For information, please contact Asher Sethill at


The Time Bank program was initiated in 2005 in Mevesseret Zion by Kamatz and is a Tikkun Olam project.  Time Bank encourages everyone to recognize that they too have valuable skills which they can provide in exchange for services received from other members, and it allows individuals the chance to convert their abilities into economic power and to receive in return a service which they need. For more information on the Time Bank please contact Ady Bookai at email:

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